Hidroeléctrica Renace habilita estación bio

Hydroelectric Renace enables bio station

In this article we will talk about the Renace hydroelectric plant, and its latest developments in the biological station.

Built to facilitate scientific research and academic training in biology, ecology, agronomy, among other areas of environmental conservation.

The Private Natural Reserve of Hidroeléctrica Renace is one of the last best preserved forest remnants within the Cahabón river basin, with 46 hectares dedicated to promote the conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem goods and services, where activities of protection and conservation of ecosystems, monitoring, surveillance and research of biotic factors, ecotourism, environmental education and other activities of environmental interest are carried out.

Biological Station in the Reserve

Hidroeléctrica Renace enables, within the Private Reserve, the “Biological Station” project to contribute to the proper development of environmental management activities, conservation, protection and monitoring of natural resources.  An infrastructure available for professionals and students linked to research and management in biological disciplines, as well as the promotion of environmental education to the population of the educational establishments neighboring Hidroeléctrica Renace, among others.

Hidroeléctrica Renace habilita estación bio

The Biological Station is an infrastructure of 150 m2 of construction, it is integrated by:

  • rest room
  • storage room
  • restrooms
  • dormitory
  • dining room/meeting room
  • kitchenette
  • slab for water storage tank
  • water distribution
  • ordinary wastewater treatment system
  • Monitoring and scientific research center

Marco Medina, Environmental Manager, reported: “the Biological Station project was created with the objective of constituting a center for monitoring and implementing scientific research for the conservation of ecosystems, thus contributing to the protection and care of the area’s natural resources, to sustainable development with an impact on people, families and communities, as stated in Hidroeléctrica Renace’s Environmental Strategy”.

This project will promote a culture of scientific promotion, in particular conditions and technical characteristics, applied both in the design of the infrastructure and in the equipment with the necessary resources of the environments that comprise it.

Renace’s Commitment

Renace has a strong commitment with the environment of San Pedro Carchá, so these actions belong to the pyramidal strategy specifically designed for the protection, conservation and recovery of the environment. The strategy considers Legal Compliance, Implementation of Best Practices and Environmental Transcendence.