Museo de las Verapaces recibe huipiles

Museum of the Verapaces receives huipiles

In this article we will talk about the museum of the Verapaces, Weaving history: a journey through the past, the present and the future. It is the name of the exhibition of güipiles that was delivered to the Historical Museum of the Verapaces, in order to prevail the historical value and wealth of the Maya culture.

The collection consists of 10 güipiles curated by Violeta Gutiérrez, director of the Technical Department and deputy curator of the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Costume.As part of the process, the pieces of high cultural value received dry cleaning, through a vacuum cleaner and frame.

Also, a decontamination, which is achieved by placing the pieces in a freezer to minimize their deterioration.”In the museum we work on preventive conservation, that is, we do not use chemicals, but special materials are used, appropriate to the degree of conservation for each piece,” said Gutiérrez.

Museo de las Verapaces receives huipiles

The pieces were donated by María del Carmen Prahl Redondo de Paredes. The donation was made with the support and coordination of the departmental and municipal authorities of Alta Verapaz and the Renace Hydroelectric Complex. The 10 güipiles will be on permanent display at the Government Museum.

Historical value and cultural richness

Hidroeléctrica Renace aware of the importance of sustainable social development implements a strategy of shared social value that supports all stages of development of the human person, through seven programs, in 29 Maya Q’eqchi communities ́ neighbors to the project.

Training for Life is one of the Sustainable Social Development programs, with which workshops are given, with the support of Intecap, to improve technical skills, raise the chances of obtaining a job and develop financial skills.“In addition to strengthening the economy and local entrepreneurship, this program seeks to support the Maya Q’eqchi’ communities so that, from generation to generation, their cultural wealth prevails, since the fabric is a concrete expression of the spirituality and clothing of the original peoples of Alta Verapaz,” said Carlos Mérida, manager of Environment and Social Management of Renace.

Museo de las Verapaces receives huipilesWith the donation of the 10 güipiles and the Formation for Life program, Renace points out that it is a member of the community and carries out actions that seek to prevail the historical value and the cultural wealth of the Maya.