Sustainable Food Companies

Many companies do comply with sales subjective in the food industry and at the same time they are responsible for taking care of the environment, creating jobs, implementing development in their countries and above all giving us quality products that help to take care of our health.

Knowing the story of the Guatemalan entrepreneur Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez, we can see that it is possible to find a balance. Create jobs, help the economy, bring quality products to our tables and above all take care of the environment.

Here are some more examples and how they achieve it.

Butcher Box offers monthly subscription plans for all your meat & seafood needs.

They use ethical sourcing practices to select humanely raised meats, from 100% grass-fed beef to free-range chicken and wild-caught seafood. None of the meat you receive has been treated with hormones or antibiotics, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product that’s better for your body and the planet.

Chobani is an instantly recognizable yogurt company that also offers an array of coffee creamers, plant-based products, and even cold brew.

We love them because their operations are based on the following six better-for-the-world pillars: environmental stewardship, animal care, worker well-being, local sourcing, economic opportunity, and dairy farm support.

Barnana was founded to eliminate food waste on banana farms in Latin America.

Since 2012, Barnana has upcycled more than 100 million bananas deemed “imperfect” by banana farms. These bananas have been upcycled to become healthy, satisfying, and sustainable snacks instead of being used for compost. The company is a proud B Corporation and a big supporter of sustainable agriculture.

Rooted in the ancient practice of Ayurveda, Yogi Tea curates ethically sourced tea blends that give back to local and global communities at each step of the process.

Yogi offers a selection of non-GMO, USDA Organic, certified Kosher, and Gluten-free teas for immune, digestive, sleep, and stress support, and more. Each brew is made with whole spices and botanicals, so you get nothing but pure infusions to sip and enjoy.

Guayakí is bringing the ancient South American beverage of Mate to the masses.

With the kick of caffeine and the health benefits of tea, Mate is a drink enjoyed by many worldwide. Guayakí focuses on social and environmental impact through their Market Driven Regeneration™ approach that aims to regenerate ecosystems and create vibrant communities.

King Arthur was founded in 1790 as the first food company in New England, creating all the essentials to spread joy through baking.

As a founding B Corp and 1% For the Planet Member, King Arthur is dedicated to social good and environmental sustainability. It is also 100% employee-owned and committed to making the world a better place through business.

Tillamook is a farmer-owned co-op that makes delicious and ethically sourced dairy products, from blocks of cheddar to flavored yogurt, ice cream, and butter.

They are a Certified B Corporation and operate under six commitments that guide them and keep them true to their values of equity, stewardship, animal welfare, community and environmental sustainability.

Cabot is the first dairy operation to become a B Corporation, making decadent dairy products from specialty cheeses and dips to yogurts and butter.

Cabot is owned by 800 farms throughout New York and New England. It is an exceptionally transparent company, striving to meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards while being an ethical employer.

For more than three generations, the Ward family has been cultivating free-range organic eggs from small farms. Each egg product they sell is not only free-range and organic, but certified humane, ensuring the welfare of their hens.

The company is also a Certified B Corp, proving its dedication to sustainability and executing its mission to restore small family farms to the North American landscape.

Purely Elizabeth is a natural foods company founded by a holistic nutritionist, providing everything you need to nourish your body on the go.

This certified B Corp dishes up all the essentials for a healthy, organic, non-GMO breakfast, from granola, bars, and oatmeal to pancake and muffin mix. All Jam-packed with ingredients like MCT Oil, Reishi, and Probiotics.

“Eat brownies, change lives” is the slogan of this NY-based B Corp bakery and social enterprise.

Greyston makes the brownies you might find in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, without using preservatives and artificial ingredients. Additionally, all profits go to its foundation, which builds stronger communities in Yonkers, New York, through job placement and economic development.

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