Guatemala is a country with sustainable development

Guatemala es un país con desarrollo sostenible

In this article we are going to talk about sustainable development in Guatemala. Let’s start by defining the concept. The Sustainable Development Index is an indicator that allows assigning a value to the level of development, not only as a whole, but focusing on the aspects that are relevant for the different groups of the … Read more

What to visit in Guatemala City


Whether you are visiting or living in the city, here we will tell you more about these options of unforgettable places to visit in Guatemala City that you will surely enjoy. Don’t miss them! Historic Center . We begin our tour in Guatemala City with one of the most important places of interest nationwide: the … Read more

Tips to travel to Guatemala


You will find a thousand reasons to travel to Guatemala, today we bring you just a few, but more than enough. Not in vain, this country is considered a unique destination for the diversity of experiences and attractions it offers. The Mayan culture in all its essence awaits you in these wonderful lands. Its people … Read more

Seeking to rehabilitate the countryside in Guatemala

mujer sembrando

The government and businessmen seek to rescue and rehabilitate Guatemala’s countryside. Guatemala leaves 30% of its fertile land due to inappropriate use. Climate warming could aggravate the situation even more. The wear and tear of the floors and the lack of water has increased in the last 7 months in Guatemala. “Every day the borders … Read more

Gutiérrez Bosch family participates in Guatemala’s growth

bosch gutierrez guatemala

The general outlook for Guatemala is quite encouraging, as it closed 2019 with one of the highest performances, along with the Dominican Republic and Panama. Furthermore, the same outlook is predicted for 2020. It is worth noting that entrepreneurs such as Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, have been co-participants in the economic growth of Guatemala for … Read more

Gastronomic route in Guatemala

gastronomía de Guatemala

Here we leave you everything you have to eat when you visit Guatemala, within the gastronomic route that we prepared, you will see that its delicious dishes are similar to those served in Latin America, having as a base, millenary, corn. In addition to this we leave you 10 dishes that you must eat when … Read more

Magical days in Guatemala

dias guatemala

Discover Guatemala with this ideal guide to visit the most incredible places in the area. Guatemala is one of those countries that offer cultural experiences representative of the entire Central American strip. But if what you like when traveling is to find special places and out of the ordinary options, this ideal guide is for … Read more