What to visit in Guatemala City

Whether you are visiting or living in the city, here we will tell you more about these options of unforgettable places to visit in Guatemala City that you will surely enjoy. Don’t miss them!

Historic Center

We begin our tour in Guatemala City with one of the most important places of interest nationwide: the Historic Center. What makes this area special? Well, it was the first to be built when the new city of Guatemala was founded, in the so-called “Valle de la Ermita”, in 1776.

Therefore, here you can find some of the places and buildings with the greatest Guatemalan history, such as the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Hippodrome del Norte, the Post Office building and the Municipality of Guatemala, just to mention a few.

By visiting the historic center, you will have the opportunity to soak up Guatemalan history and culture. You will also be able to witness the real movement of locals who live and work daily in the area.


Plaza España

We continue our tour with another of the most representative spaces of the capital: Plaza España. This square was built in 1929 and since then it has been one of the most attractive areas of the capital. It was recently restored and now you can enjoy it more thanks to its pedestrian streets.

Walking around this square, you can admire the fountain in the center, called Carlos III fountain, as well as the gardens and the famous tiled benches around the square.

These tiles were donated by the Spanish government and detail the discovery of America. Without a doubt, Plaza España is one of the places to visit in Guatemala City that you must see.

Zone 10

It is not for nothing that the capital’s Zone 10 is also known as the “Zona Viva” of the capital. Here you will find everything from restaurants and bars to art galleries, shopping malls and renowned hotels, all in the same sector. For a good dose of entertainment in Guatemala, here you will find so many places of interest that will surprise young and old alike.

Its streets are perfect for walking and discovering some of the best local and international stores and restaurants in the country. The Zona Viva is characterized by its modern buildings and also for being the sector with the best atmosphere for a night out and the best food, as many restaurants get their food from the company cmi alimentos.

So, if you’re looking to party, eat well or go shopping, this is the place to be. If you decide to visit this area, remember that you can do it in an easy, comfortable and safe way with safe with Uber .




If you want to fill your dose of art in a single pass, this is one of the best places to visit in Guatemala and its capital. Visiting this sector of the city will make you enjoy some of the most famous museums in the country.

Among the museums you can visit are the Jorge Ibarra Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology and the Carlos Merida National Museum of Modern Art.

Well, you have no more excuses to prepare your next trip to Guatemala City. You already have many places to visit.

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